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About The Company

Eshraka has been in the business of woodwork and interior decoration since 1989. Eshraka specializes in manufacturing furniture for offices, homes, resorts, and hotels, as well as kitchens, closets, doors,vertical partitions, wooden ceilings, wood cladding and all types of decoration work.

We use natural and processed wood of the finest quality, and follow the latest trends in coating technology and finishing techniques. The company also imports a select collection of desks, chairs, and lounge furniture.

Eshraka’s manufacturing capacity covers the entire continuum of market needs, including end users, interior decorators, and furniture distributors and showrooms. This, along with our firm commitment to international industry standards, is why our track record in the Egyptian market includes some of the biggest multinational and local corporations operating in Egypt.

Because we never stop researching and developing our products and techniques, our combination of quality and cost is always uniquely optimal. We also exert painstaking efforts to make sure that every single product we deliver is flawless. We are always most willing to carry out any test that might be required by the client or their consultants to ensure manufacturing precision, reliability, and quality of materials and finishing.

Eshraka has a technical office that employs high-caliber professionals in the areas of design and interior decoration,which enables us to produce optimum solutions in terms of design suitability,cost, and quality. We also have a large team of skilled labor who provide prompt and accurate delivery, installation and after-sales services.

Managing Director

Eng / Hesham Nabegh Mohammed